Emmet Quigley - Health and Wellness Coaching (Compás Sláinte).

County Louth, Ireland.

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Hello and welcome. My name is Emmet Quigley. My website aims to inform you about my Health and Wellbeing Coaching Service. I provide coaching support for the health and wellbeing goals you wish to create and strive towards. 


What is Health and Wellbeing Coaching.

Health and wellbeing coaching views the person (Client) as having their own motivation, strengths, resources and capacity for transformative healthy habit change action, to obtain greater health and wellbeing in their lives.

When you engage in Coaching with me you are working with a professionally trained Coach. I will support you to create, implement and evaluate the outcomes of your self-identified goal strategies for greater wellbeing.

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My Coaching Focus is Your Health & Wellbeing Goals.

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(Click the Compass Photo for an example of a 12 Week Coaching Programme structure).

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A Health Coach can help you explore, and create your Wellness Vision Plan.

This plan enables you to identify your personal, family and social resources available for you to implement healthy habit change strategies to pursue your chosen health & Wellness goals. 

the Compass photo for an example of my 
12 Week Coaching Plan Structure. 

Mindfulness based techniques and practice, can enable people to be present, and build upon our coping skills and resilience.

Mindfulness practices can help us reduce anxiety, stress, improve mood and enjoy the here and now. 
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Regular Physical Activity promotes greater Physical Health. It can also improve our Mood and help in effective Stress Management. 

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(Box Breathing) This deep breathing exercise can promote calm and help us cope with challenging stressful situations.

The Breathing Technique takes one minute to practice.

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Emmet Quigley-Health Coaching. (Compás Sláinte).